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Invention still proving its worth a decade on

Bruce Tiddy

Often the simplest inventions are the best – and Matamata dairy farmers Bruce and Jacquie Tiddy can attest to that.

Having owned a Wrangler cattle crush for 11 years, they say it still works as simply and effectively as the day they bought it – and they have even added a second Wrangler to their farming operation as cow numbers have increased.

The couple, who milk 1,400 cows on approximately 500ha, first saw the Wrangler at National Agricultural Fieldays and were attracted by its sleek profile and ability to safely aid a farmer in trimming hooves single-handedly.

“We used to have a standard Donalds’ cattle crush, but found it still required two of us to do front feet,” Bruce says. “We also tried another brand of crush, but the machine was cumbersome. “When we got the opportunity to try a Wrangler, we found one person could easily do hooves by themselves.”

And with over 1,000 cows to calve each season, the Wrangler also comes in handy for calving and veterinary work required on the farm.

“We have a Race Wrangler, which is able to be converted to a transportable unit with wheels; although we haven’t used that function, it’s good to know the option is there,” Bruce says.

He says The Wrangler is a good company to deal with, with a strong focus on customer service.

“Wilco and Waverley are good, engaging people,” Bruce says. “They have rectified any issues with wear and tear immediately, sending replacement parts straight away so we can get on with the job at hand.

“Over the years they have improved and developed the product, but the simplicity of the product remains one of its best features. The Wrangler is a good safe unit for man and beast.”

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