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Race Wrangler

With plenty of bells and whistles, the Race Wrangler is our most popular model.

Whether you are planning a new shed or improving an existing one, a Wrangler is essential equipment for every farm. The double belly straps hold the cow, immobilising and relaxing her, and preventing her from ‘going down’ and breaking a hip during treatment. The back hoof is then winched to a supporting bar leaving the operator with both hands free and out of the way of the knife. The front hoof is held securely on the front foot wooden block.

Race clearcut

Race Wrangler Comes Standard with:

  • Two 150mm Underbelly Girths

  • 25:1 Geared Belly Winch

  • Front foot supports, hardwood block with braid and self-tightening cleat

  • Removable Sidebars on Left Flank

  • Rump chain

  • Back Leg Winch, Vet Rope, & Guide Bar with 3 height settings

  • Rear closing Headbail Gate

Stick with the standard Race or upgrade the headbail, leg winch, and front foot supports to the Race Works, or custom select the option right for you.

Race Works Wrangler

Race Works Wrangler

The Race Wrangler comes with all of the fancy 'do-dackies' as standard. Of course you can sweeten it still by upgrading the headbail to a Walk Thru Headbail, Front Foot Supports to a winched set, Backleg Winch to a stainless steel braked one (an extra safe winch for those special staff), and Rubber Matting (to reduce your cows dancing). If you really want the deluxe version we can add quick chain release, calving attachments, rear gudgeons, mirror image setup, and right-side removable. See Upgrades page for more information.

No new shed is complete without Race Wrangler. Order in good time to ensure it can be installed at the same time as the yarding and concrete goes in. The concrete can be poured through the floor frame to give seamless integration and easy hosing out. Many shed builders put these into every shed they build and you should too.

Installation into an existing shed is also a breeze. The Race Wrangler has predrilled holes for dyna bolting into existing concrete. It is generously wide at 850mm and 1860mm long (floor frame). Simply place at the end of your vet race, in a pen at the yard, or cut away existing pipe work and drop the Race Wrangler into place. We are pretty clever at finding just the right spot in your setup for a Wrangler so, if you are at all not sure, just give us a call and discuss it.

Download Race Wrangler brochure

Wrangler Brochure

Race May17 Stickers
Race Works stickers

Also available without headbail - enquire now about the Base Wrangler 
Larger Cow?  Click here to see Colossal Wrangler

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