At last, a stock proof Ride Over Gate
Now you can cruise the farm without leaving your 4 Wheeler saddle!  The Ride Over Gate works like a spring-loaded cattle stop.  Animals won't cross it because one wrong step and it would fly up and hit them in the face.


Works for 2 & 4 Wheelers, Gator/Mules, Short wheel based vehicles, ATV trailers, mobile feed troughs, and Centre Pivot Irrigators.  Think outside the square and use for mobile calf feeders - great for getting out the paddock without the calves following!  Put one next to your house and shed or as a backup to the road gate. 

One of the best uses for a ROG though is with Pivot Irrigators.  The Irrigator can open the gate automatically, with it closing once it is over.  No more tangling in wires or broken fences, and no electricity needed and the spring return means animals don't want to cross.  
(Note this video is speed up).

Every farm needs at least one of these.  
The ROG is 2m post to post (2.5m also available).  It springs both ways so you can drive over it in either direction.

Please note:  Auger mentioned in video is no longer supplied with ROG

ROG Installation Instructions:

The Ride Over Gate is great - a real time saver

Sam Leyser, Cromwell NZ

Please note:  Auger mentioned in video is no longer supplied with ROG


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