Developed and produced in New Zealand, the Kiwick Alpaca Shearing Table provides a simple & quick means to restrain, treat, and shear all sizes of Alpaca.


It features a moulded belly girth and adjustable quick fastening leg restraints, holding the animal securely whilst allowing the operator complete access.


Best of all it's gentle with the Alpaca, lifting each onto the table top and back onto their feet again with minimal stress.  Each side can be shorn without reloading, allowing the fleece blanket to come away in one piece.


The Kiwick Alpaca shearing table is available in left or right handed models.

Download Kiwick Alpaca info sheet
  • Constructed out of high grade steel,the frame has then been  treated and galvanised for longlife

  • Durable varnished ply table top offers a tough and easy clean work surface

  • Simplicity of design, easy to transport and store

  • Secure adjustable restraint means safer, less stressful experience for alpacas and owners alike

  • For all your alpaca husbandry needs: Shearing, vaccinations, teeth and toe trimming, castrations, and even the occasional caesarian

  • Fully adjustable to fit both the alpaca and shearers of all shapes and sizes.

  • Work safer not harder


The Kiwick Alpaca can be used for ll your year-round animal health requirements - castration, shearing, toe trimming, vaccinations etc.


A key feature of the Kiwick Alpaca is its simplicity of design. With the alpaca standing against the shearing surface the belly strap is placed under the animal to hold it securely in place.  The table is then tilted, lifting the Alpaca and laying it flat on the table top.  Ropes placed around the legs are attached to the table arms then tensioned.  The belly strap is removed from the animal to allow full access for shearing.


With its legs folded, the Kiwick table can be hung flat against the wall when not in use.


Kiwick Alpaca

Shearing Demonstration

Kiwick Alpaca

Note:  Current model varies from photos displayed. The frame is now galvanised, and there are no drainage slots

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