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Race Wrangler Cattle Crush

The Wrangler cattle crush makes hoof care hassle free. Safe for the cow, safe for the operator, as well as quick, easy, and efficient. Designed by a farmer for New Zealand conditions, it is made to be strong and durable with very little maintenance.  

The Wrangler makes easy work of front hooves. Winch the hoof in using the winch and strap, then lock the leg down with the additional rope. Stow the winch handle on the Wrangler cattle crush when not in use.

Hoof Care Lame Cow

With the Wrangler cattle crush securely holding the cow and her hooves, the operator can use both hands to work. There are no obstructions to blunten the knife and they can take their time without fear of being kicked.

Brilliant for Back Legs

Back Leg Hoof Wrangler

The Backleg rope is spliced at each end.  Pass the rope around the lame cows leg, then back through itself, around the backleg bar, then onto the winch hook. The leg can then be easily winched up to the bar.

Back hoof trimming in Wrangler

Using the soft leg rope, the back hoof is winched up and held by the back support bar. The operator can then have a good look, safe in the knowledge the cow cannot kick or move the hoof.  

Back hoof lame cow wrangler

Fabulous for Front Feet

Front Hoof Wrangler Economy
Front Hoof in Wrangler Winched Front Foot Assembly

Economy Front Foot Support

Wrangler's come standard with this non-winched version.

Winched Front Foot Support

This used to be standard but is now an optional upgrade at the time of ordering. 

Bryce Tod using Wrangler

"The Wrangler is the Gold standard in hoof care."

Bryce Tod, Te Puke Veterinary Centre

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