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Invention is proving its worth a decade on

Bruce Tiddy

Often the simplest inventions are the best – and Matamata dairy farmers Bruce and Jacquie Tiddy can attest to that. Having owned a Wrangler cattle crush for 11 years, they say it still works as simply and effectively as the day they bought it – and they have even added a second Wrangler to their farming operation as cow numbers have increased. The couple, who milk 1,400 cows on approximately 500ha, first saw the Wrangler at National Agricultural Fieldays and were attracted by its sleek profile and ability to safely aid a farmer in trimming hooves single-handedly. “We used to have a standard Donalds’ cattle crush, but found it still required two of us to do front feet,” Bruce says. “We also tried another brand of crush, but the machine was cumbersome. “When we got the opportunity to try a Wrangler, we found one person could easily dohooves by themselves.” And with over 1,000 cows to calve each season, the Wrangler also comes in handy for calving and veterinary work required on the farm. “We have a Race Wrangler, which is able to be converted to a transportable unit with wheels; although we haven’t used that function, it’s good to know the option is there,” Bruce says. He says The Wrangler is a good company to deal with, with a strong focus on customer service. “Wilco and Waverley are good, engaging people,” Bruce says. “They have rectified any issues with wear and tear immediately, sending replacement parts straight away so we can get on with the job at hand. “Over the years they have improved and developed the product, but the simplicity of the product remains one of its best features. The Wrangler is a good safe unit for man and beast.”

Bruce Tiddy.JPG

Wrangler Ticks all the Boxes

Tom Buckley, Owl Farm Manager

The Wrangler ticks all the boxes for health and safety, cow comfort and staff efficiency, says Owl Farm manager Tom Buckley.
Buckley, who has managed the 450-cow farm at St Peter’s School in Cambridge for 18 months, has had a Race Wrangler on farm since June 2016 and says it has changed the way staff view the “unattractive” job of treating lame cows.

“The Wrangler doesn’t claim to cure lameness but it makes treating lame cows far easier,” he said.“Last season, the farm had 76 lame cows out of the herd of 440, and this year that number has reduced to 52 – and ten of those were maintenance trims.

Tom Buckley, Owl Farm.JPG

“Having the Wrangler on farm has given us the opportunity to deal with these animals quickly and safely.”

Before they purchased a Wrangler, Owl Farm staff used the common but inefficient method of putting the cow in a head bail and tying her foot to the race to treat her hoof.

As farmers know, this method can cause cows to feel unsteady and distressed, and injury to the cow as a result is not uncommon.

“With the Wrangler, treating a lame cow is no longer a dangerous job,” Buckley said. “Cows are calm going in, and the belly straps really help them feel steady and comfortable while the job is being done. It’s just safer for everyone - cows and staff.”

Buckley said after having a Wrangler at his disposal at Owl Farm, and one at his previous job, he would never be without a Wrangler in the future.
“There should be no question about making the comparably small investment in something that speeds the job up while getting the job done easier, and earlier… you’re not waiting until there is a mob of ten cows to do, and the first cow has been lame for four weeks already,” he said.
“As soon as you see a cow limping you can give her a trim up or block and she’s back in the herd as quickly as possible – and that’s the aim.”

2017-04-27 12.12.50.jpg

Over the Moon with Wrangler

Andrew Lord

A huge thanks for organising a Wrangler at such a good price. It's already had plenty of use on some very appreciative cows.  Pictured is farm manager Joanne who's over the moon with the new handler. Cheers Andrew Lord

“Thank you for The Wrangler – you’ve made our life better”

Erwin Hebler & Vivien Koller, Kakaramea

When treating lame cows became dangerous for farm staff and cows alike, South Taranaki dairy farmer Erwin Hebler knew it was time to act. “The number of lame cows and the drama that came along with it was doing my

head in,” he says. “Workers’ safety and the safety of the cows were at risk.”  The 50:50 sharemilker, milking 220 cows at Kakaramea, purchased a Race Works Wrangler in December 2016 and it has changed the way he farms.  “The product is just so good,” he says. “The cows are so calm – they sniff the handler and walk straight in. It is literally just like the video.” Hebler says with the Wrangler now safely and calmly restraining the cow, he can confidently treat the hoof without rushing, or doing a sub-standard job. “Also, I no longer procrastinate about performing the hoof treatment at all,” he says.  Hebler says the double belly straps, designed to immobilise and relax the cow was, for him, what set the Wrangler apart from other brands of handlers.

Hebler’s partner Vivien Koller echoed the sentiment while visiting the Wrangler site at Central Districts Field Days.  “Thank you for The Wrangler – you’ve made our life better.”

2016-10-17 17.56.17.jpg

Berryfield Farm

Owner Mark Trolove & Contract Milker Carey Duggan

"We use it every time a cow needs hoof treatment, and it's good to know she's not going to get hurt and nor are we".

Aaron Morrissey

Farm Manager, Landcorp Endurance (New Farm Dairies 2016):  

Aaron could not speak highly enough of his beloved Race Wrangler.  "I use it for everything.  The animal is restrained in the Wrangler so it cannot kick out or misbehave, making treatment time very quick and easy."  Aaron had a lot of heifers come in with sore feet and within the space of a couple of weeks he treated 20 animals with ease.     Aaron has had breeding bulls in the Race Wrangler, half of them pulled up lame early on, so he was able to efficiently put blocks on their feet using the safety of the Wrangler.  "It's very safe to use, and animals don't go down so that worry is eliminated."  In the Wrangler an animal is held securely in the belly belt.  It's easy to get them in and just as easy to clean up afterwards.  Health and safety to self and also well-being of the animal is paramount. "The Wrangler is brilliant and I would recommend it to anyone," says Aaron.

Aaron Morrissey.jpg
Owl Farm.jpg

John Hunter, Te Pahu

Fantastic.  Safe and very easy to use. Lame cows are now the wifes job!  No more down cows in the herringbone.

Regan Baxter, Edendale

Highly recommend the Wrangler.

It's worth it's weight in gold.

DWN Lameness-4.jpg

Bryce Tod, Te Puke Vets

The Wrangler is the Gold Standard in hoof care.

Maryanne Dudli

Maryanne Dudli, Ohangai

I got a Wrangler four years ago to fit into an existing area - it's been brilliant and I wouldn't be without it. Vets like it because the moveable bit goes right down to the bottom of the gate, so if an animal goes down while locked there's much less risk of suffocation 

Wrangler Transforms Hoof Treatment

Dave and Nat Wilson

Using a Wrangler has promoted “the worst job on the farm” to one that is quite enjoyable, according to Opotiki dairy farmers Dave and Nat Wilson.  The Wilsons have been sharemilking on 140ha Anstis Farm for just over 12 months, milking 420 cows.  Farm owner Peter Anstis bought the farm two years ago, and bought the Wrangler second hand from the previous owner.  Dave says before using the Wrangler, he was like many other farmers, using risky methods such as tying a cow’s leg to a rail in order to carry out hoof treatment.
“It was the worst job on the farm for me,” he says. “But since having the Wrangler, I don’t mind doing the job. It’s far safer for cows and staff.”  Dave says the Wrangler is simple and uncomplicated for anyone to use, and cows are comfortable and calm once they are inside.  “The belly straps make them feel good and secure.”
Having a Wrangler on Anstis Farm means that hoof issues are being treated immediately.  “I no longer put off treating hooves like I used to – I do them straight away,” Dave says. “The earlier you do them, the better it is for the cow and farmer - and with the Wrangler there is no excuse not to.”

Nat Wilson.jpg
VET ENT-2.jpg

Dr Neil Chesterton BVSc

Veterinarian & Lameness Guru

If you are serious about treating lame cows properly you have to restrain the foot safely. A Wrangler crush makes it so simple that it's like having an extra pair of hands to help you

Chris Mexted, Bay of Plenty

Absolutely stoked.  Been onto the boss for ages to get one and now I'm loving it.

Glenn Baker.jpg

Glen Baker

Editor, NZ Business & David Awards Judge

Simple, clever concepts make it effective and unique.  A brand synonymous with excellence.  The David Award win showcases the tenacity, courage, and ingenuity that have placed The Wrangler at the forefront of entrepreneurship in the country


Helwi Tacoma DVM


This makes treating lame cows safe, quick, and easy.  Excellent for calvings and surgery.  I wish every farmer had one.

Kathryn VAN-DEN-BEUKEN.jpg

Leo & Kathryn van den Beuken


We deal with problem hooves a lot earlier now and that has reduced the cost of lameness on our farm.  Tending to lame cows on a large farm is not usually the most enjoyable job but since having the Wrangler cows with problem feet are dealt with long before they're lame or at the first sign of lamess.  A great machine.

Wayne Campbell2.jpg

Wayne Campbel

On-farm manager, Flockhouse Agresearch

We had major problems with lameness until we got the Premier Wrangler.  Lameness is down by 50% because we treat cows on time.  It's a pleasure to use.  It's safe, comfortable, and convenient.  We even take it over to the sheep and beef unit and treat cattle in the paddock.  I would highly recommend having one - you won't know yourself when you do!

Butterworth, Jack.jpg

Jack Butterworth

Farm Owner, Rotorua

The combination of belly straps and hoof winches works very well.  The cow just can't move at all.  The Wrangler takes all the stress out of it.  You don't get kicked - the injury side is nil.  Now my wife does the hooves.  The vets love it too, even the small girls have no trouble at all.  The service was excellent too - you just don't get that level of service from many companies.

Ray Craig2.jpg

Ray Craig, Carterton

Race Works Wrangler has its' own treatment area in Craig families new cowshed


Kelvin Heath


Every vet who shows up says "Great you've got a Wrangler".  It's cost-saving and easy to use.  I don't know why people wouldn't get one.  There's no way I'd go back to leg roping.

Win Luond.JPG

Win Luond


I am so pleased I made that exceutive decision to purchase our Wrangler.  We used the tummy straps on a stroppy cow for calving and she didn't move a muscle after that.  The lady vets think it's great, especially after doing lame cows in the herringbone last year.  I have had it installed in what we call 'the pen' under the overhang of the roof of the old walk through so we are under cover and have lights. 

Rikus Rautenbach

Contract Milker, Edgecumbe

Fantastic!  I love using the Wrangler.

Rikus Rautenbach 2.JPG
Richie Dwyer2.jpg

Richard Dwyer

Farm Owner, Patea

What I like is the belly strap because it supports them so they can't go down while you are calving them.  You can concentrate on what you are doing and not have to watch if they are going to go down.  The staff and vet love using it - especially for calving cows.

Jason McIntyre.jpg

Jason McIntyre

1200 cows, Oamaru

One of the best investments I've made.  A great thing.  The vet has commented on how good, easy, and efficient it is.

Penny Brown crop.jpg
AMartyn crop.jpg
Vernon Kruger.jpg

Penny Brown

Farm Owner, Whangarei

Wonderful, has made working on cows feet 100% easier.  The staff use it.  They don't like doing it the old way.

Alison Martyn

Farmer, Palmerston North

Brilliant machine, makes a one woman operation easy.

Vernon Kruger

Miniture Hereford breeder, Cambridge

Love the product!

Brad Roberts

Northland Farmer

Great machine, quick easy, & safe.  It has made it easy to do front feet properly.

Frank Portegys

Tauwhare, Waikato NZ

A good investment. Makes it a lot safer and easier when dealing with lame cattle, or any other time when you need to restrain cows.

Tim & Emma Hyde

Waitoa, Waikato NZ

Thanks again for the excellent product - already used it a couple of times and WOW what a difference. My workers comment…..’we just did all four feet in the same time it took us to do one!’

Shawn & Jenelle Deane

West Coast

Love the Race Wrangler for lame cows.  Ours is 5 years old and still use it everyday.  A great product.

Dave Thomas


The best machine for fixing lame cows I've ever used. 

Paul Sulivan


I've had my Wrangler for 2 years now and it would be one of the best things I've bought since I began farming.  Money well spent.  Hooves is something I don't mind doing now.

Andrew Reid

S & R Pastoral Ltd, Southland

The Wrangler has made the job faster, safer, and easier on the animal and less stressful on the person.

Ryan & Jenny Laverock

Skylark Farming, Southland

The Wrangler now means that the junior staff have confidence to lean and work with cows hence we only have limited lames in the group.

David Edge


We've had a Wrangler for 10 years, has been an amazing tool for lame calving cows and any crush work.

Owen Copinga


Had a Wrangler for over 10 years and trimmed thousands of cows through it in a stress-free manner

Roger Guise


It's a fantastic machine!  Holds the cow, any foot, anywhere, it's really stable.

Hayden Hazlitt

Gunshot Dairy, Manawatu

"With the Wrangler means everything is easier to sort out and there's less chance
of getting hurt when working on the cow"


Ralph Tebbutt


This is one of those great inventions that considers the end user.  
It actually works how it needs to work for the farmer.  
The great thing about Wilco, owner of the Wrangler, is that he was a farmer first.

Robbie Sherriff

Huirimu Farms Ltd, Te Awamutu

Great for calving cows - an unexpected plus.

David Treloar

Mount View Dairy Ltd, Atiumuri

Also great for calvings.

Clark Walsh


Brilliant.  Wouldn't do without it.  Best money I've spent.  We've only had the vet out once in all the time I've had it.  Always used to be rushed and never fixed them properly.  I'm moving my Wrangler into the new shed.

David & Janine Swanson


Absolutely awesome - can't speak too highly of it.  Couldn't see myself without it.  Thanks for the great service.  Fantastic for safety.  We don't have a lame herd now because we deal to them straight away.

Spencer White

Agculture Ltd

We use our Premier Wrangler calving out in the paddock. I find it a lot easier setting it up in the paddock rather than walking them back to the cowshed.  I also like it because I can now get my staff to safely do hooves.

Brian Keane


I've had my Wrangler for one year now and couldn't do without it.  If it blew up tomorrow it would be replaced immediately.


Alan Gordon


I would like to commend you on a brilliant product.

Warren Gill


The Wrangler is worth it's weight in gold.  With the belly straps the cows can't move.  You can calve a cow or check the hooves - anything.

Bevan Shannon


It's a brilliant machine.  When you spend 90% of the time working on your own, if you have a lame cow you can deal with it.

Ross Whatmough


At long last I can get my staff to cure feet.

Stephen Arnott


I can describe the Wrangler in one word - brilliant!

John Saywell


I always look forward to using the Wrangler as it's so easy.

Alex Little


Best money I've spent in a long time.

Steve Baker


Makes a bugger of a job a whole lot easier.

Scott Taylor

Whangarei owner 4 years +

Best purchase I've ever made in my cowshed.  You don't put off treating a lame cow cause of the ease of it.  Staff are happy to use it.  Also doing tagging in it and use it for everything.  After initially dyna-bolting it down I have now concreted it through the floor.

CA & LM Stevens


Great product thanks.

Maurice De Cent


Very good product and very user friendly.

Spencer White

Agculture Ltd

We have a Premier Wrangler.  I use it for calving out in the paddock.  We have varying calving paddocks depending on season and time.  We set it up with gates and find it a lot easier than walking cows back to the cowshed.  I also like it because I can now get my staff to safely do hooves.

"There's no question about it - just buy one"

Mike Charlton

If you’ve got two or three lame cows that need treatment, purchasing a Wrangler is well worth the investment, says a Dannevirke dairy farmer.  Mike Charlton, who milks 230 cows on 100ha in the Tararua region, purchased a Race Wrangler in July 2016 and says the purchase was a no brainer once he saw how it worked.  Previously his system to treat lame cows had been to tie them to the side of the race. “I saw the Wrangler and how it worked and thought it looked ideal,” Charlton said. “And it turned out to be just that. It holds the cows snugly while you are working on their hooves and they are just as happy as can be.” Part of the reason Charlton decided to purchase a Wrangler was the employment of a new contract milker on his farm. “I wanted him to feel safe while he worked on the cows’ feet and using a Wrangler is a much safer process for cow and farmer,” he says.  Charlton purchased the Wrangler while he was completing some alterations to his cow shed, and was pleased with the Wrangler team’s quick and friendly service.  “It was a bit of a rush as I wanted one straightaway,” he said. “They made it immediately and I drove to Whakatane to pick it up. I was very happy with the service.” And what would Charlton say to farmers who are on the fence about purchasing a Wrangler?
“There is no question about it – just buy it,” he says. “If you’ve got 2-3 lame cows, you’ve got your money back.”

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