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Braedon Christian
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Photo Credit:  Revolve Photography

The Wrangler Encounter Race Team is New Zealand's largest motocross team. A community of people coming together for the common love of racing motocross.


The Wrangler is proud to partner with Youth Encounter, the youth development charity running the team. More than just motocross, the team, is a mentoring programme supporting amateur riders competing at a national level. They aim to support athlete's wellbeing and develop confidence to tackle life's obstacles. Headed by Mary Warnhill (aka Scary Mary Perkins), the Wrangler Encounter Race Team is made up of young motocross riders from all over the country.  


With the support of The Wrangler and their other sponsors, Youth Encounter are fulfilling the vision for their motocross team of "vibrant youth living purposeful lives". We love the positive mentoring Encounter provides young people and are delighted to be a part in supporting them.

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