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The Wrangler - New Zealand's Specialist Hoofcare Manufacturers

Whether you are planning a new shed or improving an existing one, a Wrangler is essential equipment for every farm.

Lame cows reduce profit.  It has been estimated each lame cow costs between $800 and $1200 in lost production, extra labour, higher empty rates, and treatment costs.  It is therefore important that any lame cows are checked and treated at the first sign of lameness.  The Wrangler enables staff to quickly, easily, and safely assess a suspect hoof before it develops into a bigger problem.

The Wrangler makes hoof care hassle free.  Safe for the cow, safe for the farmer, as well as quick, easy, and efficient.  Designed by a farmer for New Zealand conditions, it was made to be strong, durable, with little mainenance required.  Not only is the Wrangler the best way to do hooves, it is also unbeatable for calving cows and any other handling requirements.  Fixed, Mobile, or Road Registered, there's a Wrangler to suit every farm.

The Race Wrangler (pictured top) is our most popular model, now a standard choice in most new dairy sheds.  At from only NZ$3,975 (ex factory, excl GST), it is a no-brainer, saving you in time, money, and frustrations many times over.

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We had major problems with lamecows until we got the Premier Wrangler.  Lameness is down by 50% because we treat cows on time.  It's a pleasure to use.  It's safe, comfortable, and convenient.  We even take it over to the sheep and beef unit and treat cattle in the paddock.  I would highly recommend having one. 
You won't know yourself when you do!  
Wayne Campbel
On Farm Manager Flockhouse AgResearch
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