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Having one of The Wrangler Holeshot Start Gates is key to performing at your best when it comes to motocross racing. All gates are singular but connect together forming a larger gate, so when you and your mates get together, you can practice side by side!!  

Rotorua MX Start Gates
MX Start Gate ready to race
Encounter using Wrangler MX Start Gates

Our thanks to Enounter Race Team for their thorough testing and endorsement of the Wrangler Holeshot Startgate

To Use - Prop MX Start Gate onto starter mechanism. Pull rope to drop MX Gate and race away. Reset MX Gate with reset handle.

Made in NZ with quality materials and hot dip galvanised.

MX Start Gate
Fiona White edited.jpg

"Richard and his friends are having a great time with the
MX Start Gates. 

A much loved and useful early Christmas Present"


Fiona White, Amberley.

Nationals at Rotorua using Wrangler MX Start Gates
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