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The Wrangler is great for all forms of animal handling and veterinary procedures.  Use for re-tagging or drenching the herd, or examining an individual cow.


  • Quality Steel

  • Main frame is cold-bent for strength

  • NZ Made

  • Hot dip galvanised inside and out

  • Strong, sturdy, and safe

  • Structural Guarantee 5 years

Double Belly Girths & Winch

The custom made double belly girths safely hold the cow, immobilising and relaxing her, and preventing her from sitting/falling down, or jumping with her back legs during treatment.

Brilliant for Back Legs

Using the soft vet rope, the back hoof is winched up and held by the back support bar.  The operator can then have a good look, safe in the knowledge the cow cannot kick or move the hoof.  There are no bars etc to get in the way of the knife, and the operator can use both hands for clipping or trimming.



  • Winner NZ National Agricultural Fieldays Innovation Awards & multiple Innovation & Excellence in Business Awards

  • Specialist hoof care manufacturers 20+ years

  • Used by thousands of farmers throughout NZ and Internationally & recommended by veterinarians

  • Designed by a farmer for NZ style of farming

  • Family owned business of integrity

Rear Closing Head Bail

The headbail closes with the pull of the rope from behind, making it a one person job.  Stay with the standard gate-style headbail, or choice the Walk Through Headbail upgrade.

Fabulous for Front Feet

The Wrangler makes easy work of front hooves.  Not only is the foot held securely, but the double belly straps and back leg support bar ensure the cow is held safely too.

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