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The Wrangler is a family owned and operated company

designing and manufacturing awesome innovative animal handling products for the dairy industry.

Designed for Farmers by Farmers


They say necessity is the mother of great inventions, and this certainly rang true for the Wrangler.  

As sharemilkers, Wilco and Waverley Klein Ovink found hooves dangerous and difficult to do with nothing more than a piece of rope tying the rope to a railing. In fact it was while watching another farmer tie up a cow’s leg only to have her fall and break her hip that Wilco got thinking there had to be a better way. He built a Wrangler for themselves and found it invaluable for other tasks too.  

Wilco Wave 2019 sq.jpg

Vets and farmers persuaded him to enter it in the Fieldays Invention awards which he won both years of entering. Demand was such that soon farming had to give way to fabricating, setting up a factory in rural Bay of Plenty. 20 years later and Wilco, Waverley, and a great team of guys produce quality, clever products for dairy farmers. Farmers have always been an important part of Wrangler R&D. Farmers’ feedback, many of whom have put hundreds of cows through their Wranglers and helped keep the Wrangler perfectly tuned to dairy needs.

Celebrating 20 years
Business with Integrity

In a world where getting ahead at all costs is the norm, the Wrangler team has an integral difference - integrity. Treating people right, and putting any problem right (be they suppliers, customers, or others) has always been a cornerstone value at the Wrangler.  

Made in New Zealand

Kiwi's make great products and we love that we can support other NZ 
manufacturers. From the steel to the galvanising, the wheels to the ropes,
Wranglers are kiwi to the core.


Innovative Excellence

NZ Business Magazine described The Wrangler as a "brand synonymous with excellence". The Wrangler culture of aways looking for a better way of doing things and that has resulted in many clever products for the agricultural and horticultural industry. The concepts have been unique enough to be awarded several patents, and many awards along the way.


Community Support

The Wrangler is pleased to help in the community, sponsoring many organisations such as the Trustpower TECT Rescue Helicopter, local schools and events, the Dairy Industry Awards, and Encounter Race Team.


Deal Direct

Deal direct and know you are speaking with people who understand farming, and design and manufacture excellent equipment for you. All components are manufactured on site to our strict criteria. We standby what we sell.


Verify NZ Made
Fieldays 2015

Introducing Us:

Horizon Business Awards

Left to Right:

Wilco Klein Ovink - Managing Director

Waverley Klein Ovink - Office Director

Matthew Davies
Joshua Klein Ovink

Left to Right:

Tim Gerritsen - Workshop Foreman

Matt Davies - Wrangler Legendary Welder 

Joshua Klein Ovink -Sales support & Manufacturing

Also awesome (but successfully evaded the camera):

Administration & Sales: Maggie Klein Ovink

Assembly & Dispatch: Craig Robbie 
Production: Zeb Clews, Josiah De Haan, Domanic Taylor, & Jese Rogers

Wrangler Engineering
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