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Doing hooves at the shed, calving in the paddock or treating stock at the run-off, the Premier Wrangler is prefect for getting the job done.

Hooves are a breeze in the Wrangler. The cow can't kick or go down, allowing you total access to treat front and back hooves. During calving the Premier Wrangler can be left in the springer paddock, giving you calving facilities without walking the cow to the shed. When finished, drop the wheels into place and tow to the shed or runoff.

Premier Wrangler
  • Rear closing Headbail Gate

  • Two extra wide and thick 150mm Underbelly Girths

  • Braked Belly Winch 25:1 Geared

  • Back Leg Winch, Vet Rope, & Guide Bar with 3 height settings

  • Front foot supports with braid and self-tightening cleat

  • Quick Release rump Chain

  • Removable Sidebars on Left Flank

  • Removable drop down wheels

  • Removable drawbar

  • Solid timber floor and rear gudgeons

Premier Wrangler Comes Standard with:

Stick with the standard Premier or upgrade the headbail, leg winch, and front foot supports to the Premier Works, or custom select the option right for you.

Premier Works Wrangler

The Premier Wrangler comes with all of the fancy 'do-dackies' as standard. Of course you can sweeten it still by upgrading the front foot supports to a winched set, backleg winch to a stainless steel braked one (an extra safe winch for those special staff), headbail to a Walk Thru, and rubber matting (highly recommended as the wood can become slippery). If you really want the deluxe version we can add wide tyres, removable side bars on right flank, calving attachments, and mirror image setup. See Upgrades page for more information.

Mobile facilities mean you get triple the versatility: a calving pen for the paddock, a lamecow handler for at the shed, and a crush for at the runoff. Remove the wheels, towbar, or other components when not required, or add other features like the calving attachment for more functionality

  • Wheels, Floor, Towbar

  • Quick Release back chain

  • Rear Gudgeons

Difference between
Premier and Race:

Lock Premier Wrangler wheels for transport:

* older style of Wrangler pictured

Download PremierWrangler brochure

Wrangler Brochure

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