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1. The Wrangler was created by a dairy farming couple, for dairy farmers: Almost 20 years ago, Whakatane share milkers Wilco and Waverley Klein-Ovink sought a solution to a big problem they faced on farm: the dangerous job of treating a cow’s hoof with nothing more than a piece of rope tying her leg to a railing. Witnessing a cow fall and break her leg on another farm was the last straw and Wilco and Waverley set about building the first Wrangler.

2. The Wrangler is handmade by engineers right here in New Zealand: The Wrangler is Kiwi to the core. From the steel to the galvanising, wheels and ropes, on-site engineers make each Wrangler from products made by premier Kiwi manufacturers. NZ Business Magazine described The Wrangler as a “brand synonymous with excellence”.

3. The Wrangler is made specifically for New Zealand cows and New Zealand farms: New Zealand cows are a diverse bunch, and The Wrangler caters for small Jerseys to large Friesians. It is also ideal for New Zealand’s ‘little and often’ approach to hoof trimming: Kiwi cows’ hooves are worn down during long daily walks but injuries may occur that need immediate attention. The Wrangler has continued to evolve, taking on board 20 years of advice and suggestions from New Zealand farmers.

4. The Wrangler can be used by anyone on farm, at anytime: With more workers on farm today who lack the typical broad build of the classic Kiwi bloke, a Wrangler allows quick and easy handling of cows by any one, at any time. There’s no need for protective leather clothing when using The Wrangler – it can be used at a moment’s notice, after milking or whenever a cow needs attention.

5. The Wrangler is endorsed by industry experts, including veterinarian and leading lameness researcher Dr Neil Chesterton: “If you are serious about treating lame cows properly you have to restrain the foot safely. A Wrangler crush makes it so simple that it’s like having an extra pair of hands to help you”.

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