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"There's no question about it - just buy one"

If you’ve got two or three lame cows that need treatment, purchasing a Wrangler is well worth the investment, says a Dannevirke dairy farmer.

Mike Charlton, who milks 230 cows on 100ha in the Tararua region, purchased a Race Wrangler in July 2016 and says the purchase was a no brainer once he saw how it worked.

Previously his system to treat lame cows had been to tie them to the side of the race. “I saw the Wrangler and how it worked and thought it looked ideal,” Charlton said. “And it turned out to be just that. It holds the cows snugly while you are working on their hooves and they are just as happy as can be.”

Part of the reason Charlton decided to purchase a Wrangler was the employment of a new contract milker on his farm. “I wanted him to feel safe while he worked on the cows’ feet and using a Wrangler is a much safer process for cow and farmer,” he says.

Charlton purchased the Wrangler while he was completing some alterations to his cow shed, and was pleased with the Wrangler team’s quick and friendly service. “It was a bit of a rush as I wanted one straightaway,” he said. “They made it immediately and I drove to Whakatane to pick it up. I was very happy with the service.”

And what would Charlton say to farmers who are on the fence about purchasing a Wrangler? “There is no question about it – just buy it,” he says. “If you’ve got 2-3 lame cows, you’ve got your money back.”

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