"Thank you for the Wrangler - you've made our life better"

When treating lame cows became dangerous for farm staff and cows alike, South Taranaki dairy farmer Erwin Hebler knew it was time to act.

“The number of lame cows and the drama that came along with it was doing my head in,” he says. “Workers’ safety and the safety of the cows were at risk.”

The 50:50 sharemilker, milking 220 cows at Kakaramea, purchased a Race Works Wrangler in December 2016 and it has changed the way he farms. “The product is just so good,” he says. “The cows are so calm – they sniff the handler and walk straight in. It is literally just like the video.”

Hebler says with the Wrangler now safely and calmly restraining the cow, he can confidently treat the hoof without rushing, or doing a sub-standard job. “Also, I no longer procrastinate about performing the hoof treatment at all,” he says. Hebler says the double belly straps, designed to immobilise and relax the cow was, for him, what set the Wrangler apart from other brands of handlers.

Hebler’s partner Vivien Koller echoed the sentiment while visiting the Wrangler site at Central Districts Field Days. “Thank you for The Wrangler – you’ve made our life better.”

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