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A Real Kiwi Success Story

The Wrangler has been judged most innovative business in the New Zealand Business magazine backed ‘David Awards’.

The inaugural award recognises business heroes throughout New Zealand. Just as the Biblical David, an ordinary unassuming young man, used shrewdness and a simple slingshot to conquer the giant goliath, the David Awards celebrate entrepreneurial David’s who punch well above their weight. The win showcases the tenacity, courage, and ingenuity that have placed The Wrangler firmly at the forefront of entrepreneurship in the country.

The Wrangler is a cattle crush for treating lame cows. The device saves farmers money by allowing the safe and easy examination hooves, and preventing costly vet visits and reduced milk production. In addition to hooves the Wrangler can be used for any animal health needs including calving, liver biopsies, and caesarians. It is commonly incorporated into new shed designs as well as existing milking sheds.

The judges called The Wrangler a real kiwi success story which optimized the number 8 wire approach to business. They described the Wrangler’s use of simple and cleaver concepts to make it effective and unique. Glenn Baker, Editor of New Zealand business praised the Wrangler as a “brand synonyms with excellence”.

The Wrangler was also awarded first for ‘Most Inspired use of Marketing’ for their effective promotion. Glen Baker had high praise for all of the entrants saying he had ‘never come across such a fired up passionate and courageous bunch of entrepreneurs’.

The Wrangler is also a finalist in the Eastern Bay of Plenty’s’ prestigious Triple A awards to be announced in November.

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