Wrangler transforms hoof treatment

July 28, 2017

Using a Wrangler has promoted “the worst job on the farm” to one that is quite enjoyable, according to Opotiki dairy farmers Dave and Nat Wilson.

The Wilsons have been sharemilking on 140ha Anstis Farm for just over 12 months, milking 420 cows.  Farm owner Peter Anstis bought the farm two years ago, and bought the Wrangler second hand from the previous owner.

Dave says before using the Wrangler, he was like many other farmers, using risky methods such as tying a cow’s leg to a rail in order to carry out hoof treatment.  “It was the worst job on the farm for me,” he says. “But since having the Wrangler, I don’t mind doing the job. It’s far safer for cows and staff.”  


Dave says the Wrangler is simple and uncomplicated for anyone to use, and cows are comfortable and calm once they are inside.“The belly straps make them feel good and secure.”

Having a Wrangler on Anstis Farm means that hoof issues are being treated immediately.


“I no longer put off treating hooves like I used to – I do them straight away,” Dave says. “The earlier you do them, the better it is for the cow and farmer - and with the Wrangler there is no excuse not to.”

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